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Are you having air conditioning issues? Well don’t sweat it! You’re in the right place! Serving Greene county and surrounding areas. Owens Heating and Cooling are your local heating and cooling heroes and we will come to rescue you from the summer heat. Keeping your family comfortable and getting your AC up and running or even installing a new system is what we do. 

During the hot summer months in Jefferson, Iowa, most families rely on air conditioning systems to keep their homes cool. Unfortunately, air conditioners sometimes break down when you need them, leading to no relief on humid days. We know it’s a pain to go without ac.

Instead of suffering through the sweltering heat, call Owens heating and cooling to get quick service of your AC repair Jefferson IA. Our company is dedicated to providing fast and efficient ac repair so that you can be comfortable in your own home again.

 Signs when you need AC repair Jefferson, Greene County
Are you still figuring out that your existing ac needs repairs or maintenance work? It’s not as uncommon as you’d think. Below are some signs indicating it’s time to schedule an AC repair Jefferson, IA.

Is your AC keeping you waiting…
Does your AC feel like it takes forever to get cold, or it never reaches the temperature that you set it to? As your AC ages this is a problem that may arise or  it may stop working all together. This is a sure sign that you may need repair or even replacement of your AC. 

Is your bill going up… and up… 
Is keeping your family cool costing you more than normal even though your cooling habits remain the same? This could be a sign that your AC is running abnormally and you are in need of service or repair. This is one of the reasons that we recommend regular maintenance of your cooling systems; it will save you money in the long run. 

Increased Humidity in your Home?
Excess humidity in your home is a sign that your AC is telling you to give us a call? Excess humidity in your home is not a good thing for multiple reasons. First, excess humidity is a breeding ground for mold and mildew to multiply in your home. This is a health concern for your family as this can create unhealthy air in your home; breathing in mold and mildew spores is very bad for your health. Second, is that it can create wood rot as well as ruining items within your home. Having wood rot go unchecked in your home can cause very costly and preventative damage. 


Irregular Temperature In Your Home
If you find it too hot in one room, too cold in another, and your family members are at different stages of discomfort, this is a sign that your AC unit is working improperly. You need to schedule a repair service to restore a uniform temperature and comfort level across all rooms of your home.

Odd noises or smell from AC Another issue you may come across is unusual loud sounds or noises coming from vents, or there is any presence of foul smell indicating that the AC unit needs to be repaired.

Why Choose Owens Heating and Cooling for AC Repair? 
Well that’s easy! We are your family run, locally owned and operated HVAC experts! Our family has helped many families in the Greene County, Iowa area. Whenever you are having issues with your AC, we are a phone call away!  We have years of experience, fully stocked trucks, and state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Our services are available around the clock to respond to emergencies.
  • Our technicians are highly-trained, courteous, and respectful of you and your home.
  • We are offering flexible financing options, so you never have to put off AC replacement.
  • We are equipped with advanced technology and work with the industry’s top brands.

We are also providing other services in Jefferson, IA listed down below 

  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Repair
  • Thermostat Installation
  • Maintenance Plan

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