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Air Conditioning Contractors Lethbridge

Air Conditioning Contractors Lethbridge

An air conditioner is essential, especially if you live in a hot area. You need it to stay comfortable and cool in your house when the weather outside is unbearably hot. However, your AC may be consuming more energy than it should be, resulting in high utility bills. The good news is, you might probably not need a replacement to increase its efficiency. There are a number of ways you can make it more efficient, like scheduling routine maintenance and inspections.

At 4 Seasons Home Comfort, our finest air conditioning contractors in Lethbridge can help boost the efficiency of your AC using top-of-the-line preventative maintenance services. Thanks to their vast experience and skills, our experts can spot and fix problems that may be causing your unit to be less efficient.

How to Increase the Efficiency of Your AC

Here are ways to save money and energy on your AC:

  • Insulate or Seal Your Windows and Doors

Adding insulation to both your doors and windows can effectively keep your home cool during the sweltering months while preventing the heat outside from spreading throughout your home. Another alternative is to seal any gaps around your windows and doors. This will make sure your home cool even when it's hot outside. Weatherstripping or using caulk can lower your cooling expenses during summer by up to 10 percent.

  • Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Getting a thermostat can go a long way in reducing your energy use during the hot months by almost 10 percent. A thermostat regulates your cooling unit from time to time, saving the energy utilized. You can adjust your thermostat automatically using an application on your phone from wherever you are, ensuring your home is cool while reducing unnecessary energy wastage.

  • Properly Maintain Your Cooling Unit

If you don’t care for your equipment properly, even installing a smart thermostat won't bring down your utility costs. That is because issues such as dirty filters can restrict air flow, making it more difficult for your system to cool your home. However, routine maintenance services from qualified technicians will minimize your energy use by almost 5-15 percent and make sure your appliance operates at its highest efficiency.

  • Avoid Heat-Generating Activities During the Day

You can prevent heat buildup during the daytime by avoiding activities that generate so much heat during the day. This includes cooking on your stovetop and using the clothes dryer. You can opt to use the microwave and let your clothes air dry instead.

  • Put Up Shades

Direct sunlight penetrating inside your house through the windows can raise indoor temperatures by around 10-20°F. As a result, your AC will work harder to ensure your spaces remain cool. Adding window treatments like curtains and shutters can reduce heat from the sun and subsequently hotter temperatures inside.

We’ll Help Make Your AC More Energy Efficient

With the temperatures outside soaring, some air conditioners consume more energy than usual. If you're burdened with rising utility bills each month, our top air conditioning contractors in Lethbridge can inspect your unit and find ways to make it more energy-efficient. To schedule an inspection, contact 4 Seasons Home Comfort today: (403) 320-9884.

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