Winter weather is a constant that we have to live with in the Jefferson, IA area, and you need your home to be prepared to handle the worst of it. Making sure you have a working heater is one of the most important parts of preparing for cold weather. Sometimes, a new heater to replace your old one is necessary to fix your issue. Here are some signs your home might need to have a new heating unit installed.

Homeowners in Jefferson, IA: Is It Time for Your Home to Get a New Heating Unit?

Heating System Is Getting Old

Keeping track of the age of your heating system is a good way of knowing when you need a replacement. A professional can tell you more about your specific unit, but a general guideline is that you’ll need a replacement. If you’re uncertain of the age of the heater in your house, needing more frequent repairs can be a sign the system is getting old.

System is Running Less Efficiently

If you’re wondering if it’s time to replace your heating unit, take a look at your recent bills. An old system that isn’t working properly won’t use energy as efficiently. The higher bills that results in can be a good indication that it’s time to get a replacement system.

Presence of Rust, Dirt, or Soot Particles

Check around your home for a buildup of dirt, rust, or soot particles while the heater is in operation. These are signs of a buildup of particles in the system and a good indication that it’s time to look into replacing your heater.

Uneven Distribution of Heat

When your heater is working correctly, you should feel the heat that it generates evenly dispersed throughout the different rooms of your house. If you notice one room is getting hot easier than others, it could be a sign of an aging heating system. Replacing your unit will help you make sure every room in your house is kept at a comfortable temperature.

Unusual Rattles, Buzzes, or Other Noises

Listening for unexpected noises that your heater is making can be a good way to check for a problem. Cracks, leaks, or other structural issues can all cause the heater to make odd rattles, hums, buzzes, or other noises that aren’t usual. Get a replacement unit to get your heater back into proper working order.

Visible Cracks on Heating Unit

One of the more obvious problems that you might notice with your heater is the presence of a crack in the unit itself. These breaks can occur naturally as the furnace ages and can lead to a loss of efficiency. While a repair may be possible in certain cases, such serious problems are a good indication that it’s time to look for a replacement.

Where to Find a New Heater

Notice any of these common problems with your heating unit? Our team can help you diagnose the problem and perform any maintenance or replacements needed. Contact Owens Heating & Cooling today and let us help you!