When the heat goes out in Jefferson, IA, you need an HVAC specialist to get on it immediately. Winter is no joke, what with average temps at night around 10 degrees Fahrenheit in January! How long does heater repair typically take?

How Long Does an HVAC Heater Repair Take in Jefferson, IA?

The amount of time it takes to repair your heater will depend on exactly what the problem is and whether the unit requires the full replacement of any particular pieces. If, for example, the problem is in your ductwork and you need much of the ductwork redone, repairs can take a couple of days. The same is true if the system is shot and you need a full replacement. Fortunately, lots of issues are much faster to fix.

Here are a few of the most common issues and the amount of time they take to fix:

The Air Is COLD!

When cold air starts blowing instead of warm, the usual culprits are a damaged ignition, a leak in your ductwork, reduced heating fuel, or a closed gas valve. Most of these issues can be dealt with in a few hours, though it may take some time to find the issue.

The Air Doesn’t Blow

When the air isn’t really blowing, but you do feel heat, a likely culprit is the fans. They’ve probably stopped spinning. Other issues could be that the blower compartment door is not completely shut, you have the wrong thermostat settings, or there is a faulty circuit breaker. These are all fixes that can usually be done quickly.

There’s Not Enough Air

What if you’ve got some warm air blowing but just not enough? One common culprit is dirty filters. If the clog is minor and confined to the main filter, you might be able to handle it yourself. If there’s a lot of buildup of dust, pet hair, etc, the problem likely needs a professional solution. Again, this fix doesn’t take more than a few hours at most.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

No one wants to suffer from a broken heating system in the winter, and the way to keep that from happening is with regular maintenance. Maintenance isn’t about your heating and cooling company just making some money. Maintenance does three key things.

First, regular maintenance stops some common problems from arising at all. Second, it identifies other less common problems long before they become serious. With maintenance, you can head those problems off at the pass and keep a minor issue from freezing you out when the temperatures drop. Finally, maintenance saves you money, not just by allowing you to avoid repairs, but by making your system more efficient. Up to 30% more efficient, as estimated by the US Department of Energy.

An estimated 50% of homeowners skip their regular heating and cooling maintenance, and this more than anything else is the culprit behind the need for repairs. You can avoid both the cost and the inconvenience of repairs with regular maintenance. If your HVAC needs a repair, call us at Owen’s Heating and Cooling today. Take advantage of our Fixed Right Promise!