With temperatures in Jefferson, IA rarely getting above freezing during the winter, you do not want to put off your heater repair. Unfortunately, many homeowners are stuck rushing out to buy a space heater or bundling up unsuccessfully in the middle of winter because they put off their heating repairs until it was too late. Don’t wait for the coldest months and end up in a bind. Read on to discover four signs you should schedule a repair for your heater.

Don’t Wait for the Coldest Months: Schedule Your Jefferson, IA Heater Repair Today

Your Heating System Is Making Unusual Noises

Is your heating system making unusual noises? You could just have a clogged air filter that needs to be replaced. However, you also could have a damaged motor or another problem entirely. Regardless, strange sounds coming from your heater, especially if they are continuous, should not be ignored.

Your Heating System Is Old

You should also schedule a heating repair today if you have an old heating system. The useful life of most heaters falls within a span of 15 to 25 years. If your heater hasn’t been replaced in the past 20 years, you should expect to need regular repairs and part replacements in addition to routine maintenance. Also, you may want to consider replacing your heater. New heaters come with warranties and are more efficient, reducing your power bill significantly.

Your Power Bill Is Abnormally High

Are you shocked by how high your power bill is? Look at a prior-year comparison for the billed month. You may notice that the price of natural gas or electricity has gone up.

However, you also may notice that you are using far more natural gas or electricity due to a heating system that can’t operate efficiently because it needs to be repaired. Common problems that can cause an unusually high power bill include a low refrigerant charge, bad compressor valves, and a compressor that isn’t running at all.

Your Thermostat Needs to Be Changed Regularly

Don’t wait to schedule a heating repair if you are regularly changing your thermostat. It’s possible that there is something wrong with your thermostat, but it is more likely that there is something wrong with your heating system. For example, the problem probably does not lie with your thermostat if some rooms in your home are warmed appropriately while other rooms are still chilly.

If you haven’t experienced any of the aforementioned warning signs of a bad heater, check the vents in the chilly rooms to ensure they are opened fully. If every vent in your home is fully open, there is probably a problem with your heating system that one of our qualified HVAC technicians can correct quickly and effectively.

Don’t wait for the coldest months to schedule your heating repair. If you are experiencing one or more of the warning signs of a failing heater, like an old or loud heating system, schedule a service appointment or free quote now at Owens Heating & Cooling.