The temperatures are rising, the season is changing and it’s almost summer time! Don’t let too much pressure in your cooling system burn your plans to the ground!



The average high Summer temperature in Jefferson, Iowa is about 82° with humidity levels hanging around 80%. Basically, it’s hot and uncomfortable in the Summer if you’re outside. 



If you’re inside, you’ll be thanking yourself for having a properly working air conditioner or you’ll be kicking yourself for having a broken A/C not having it inspected before the hot weather rolls in. 



Is Your HVAC Cooling System Inspected for Summer? 



Let’s hope you’re the one who has had their cooling system inspected. But if you haven’t, don’t worry, there is still time to ensure that you’ll have a cool and comfortable Summer season. 



If you don’t have your unit inspected or looked over at least once a year your system could risk malfunctioning, leaking, rusting or having high pressure issues



Let’s Talk About the HVAC Cooling System 



In the last blog, “What is forced air heating?” we talked about how heat is circulated and transferred in your home through ducts and vents. 



Since it’s now time to start turning on those air conditioners we wanted to explain a little bit about what causes too much pressure in your A/C unit and what could happen if you don’t have it serviced and fixed. 





The Anatomy of Your Air Conditioner



Like our bodies,  Air Conditioners and HVAC Systems have complex inner workings and delicate parts that keep the whole system in check and running smoothly. 



If one part starts to go haywire the entire system works over time to adjust the problem internally, and in the end pushes itself to the limit and starts to overwork and exhaust itself. Sound familiar? Sounds kind of like our bodies when we are sick or stressed! 



High Pressure Causes & Problems



Again, like our bodies blood pressure, internal pressure in your A/C can cause havoc on the entire system. 



High pressure problems might not be noticeable right away but over time can cause your system to:



  • Have leaks (too much pressure on the piping and tubing will start to find other ways out)
  • Work harder to cool your home
  • Make loud noises – the fan and pumps working overtime  
  • Not work as efficiently causing YOUR energy/electric bill to rise 



Reasons for this could be through no fault of your own, just by weather, mistakes and inexperience of the systems properties. 



Here are some common reasons WHY your system could be experiencing high pressure:



  • The weather is so hot and humid that your system has to work harder to cool the air (if you live in a hotter climate this will wear your system down faster).
  • There is dirt and debris on the outside unit that is keeping it from taking in and blowing out air. 
  • You or someone else added TOO much refrigerant to the lines. – This is the most common reason and is typically just due to human error and inexperience. 
    • Too much refrigerant actually decreases the efficiency of the unit and will cause your system to work harder to cool your home. 



Work With Us



If you believe you’re experiencing an issue with high pressure in your air conditioner or if you have any other problems with your system give us a call or connect with us TODAY. 



You do not want to be miserable in the summer heat waiting for someone to come service your A/C only to be told it needs replaced. That means you’ll have to deal with the uncomfortableness even longer! 



Let us help. Here at Owens Heating and Cooling we know a thing or two about your HVAC system. We have decades of experience and pride ourselves on the knowledge and customer service our team comes equipped with on every job. 



We are the top Jefferson, IA heating and cooling specialists and are ready to take on any HVAC issue or service need that you might have. 



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