“When your air conditioner stops working it’s more than just uncomfortable, it’s unbearable.”

We understand how it feels when the temperature inside your home is on the rise and it is hot as the dickens outside.

We also know…

When it comes to maximizing your comfort at home during the summer, there’s no system that plays a more important role than your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, many homeowners presume their air conditioner will magically take care of itself until it’s too late, and they’re paying for it by suffering in sweat.


Our cooling professionals are prepared for all air conditioning repair or installation needs. We offer maintenance with seasonal tune-ups.

At Owens Heating & Cooling, our HVAC service technicians have decades of familiarity with just about every make and model of AC that has ever been manufactured, which means we can complete most repairs relatively quickly without forgoing quality. What’s more, we offer some of the most reasonable prices in the area, so your broken-down air conditioner doesn’t also break your budget.

We’re not blowing hot air… our work is guaranteed to satisfy!

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